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Charging made easy

Charging your electric vehicle at home or work place is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to 're-fuel' and a 7kW wallbox will charge a ZOE with Z.E. 50 battery from flat-to-full in 9-10 hours,  CAPTUR Plug-in-hybrid in approximately 3 hours  (maximum charging capacity 3.7Kw) or KANGOO Z.E. in 6 hours.


Government Charging Grants^^

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

Our range of plug-in electric vehicles all qualify for the EVHS grant which provides 75% up to a maximum of £350 towards the cost of a home wallbox installation.


Workplace Charging Scheme

If you are requiring an install at your business, our plug-in electric vehicles also qualify for the WCS grant which provides 75% up to a maximum of £350 towards the cost of a wallbox (for up to 40 sockets).

  • Charging the Z.E. battery

How to choose a wallbox supplier?

At Renault, we have developed the Z.E. Ready charging certification. This is a Renault specific certification that sets minimum standards for wallbox manufacturers and installers to ensure their products and installs are compatible with Renault EVs.


We would recommend ensuring the wallbox and installer you choose is certified Z.E. Ready. Your Renault dealership will be able to advise you on Z.E Ready approved suppliers and installers. Choosing a supplier or installer that is not Z.E. Ready does not mean the wallbox or installation will be incompatible with your Renault EV, just that, the company has not gone through the Z.E. Ready certification process to have it confirmed.

Wallbox installation - in 5 steps

1 - Select your chosen supplier and wallbox

1 - Select your chosen supplier and wallbox

There are many different wallbox installers and suppliers to choose from and it can be daunting at first. At Renault we would recommend ensuring the wallbox and installer you choose is certified Z.E Ready, your Renault dealership can help you find out which suppliers carry this certification. 

2 - Contact & application

2 - Contact & application

Once you have decided on a wallbox and installer, contact them to begin your application. They should be able to explain the process to you and let you know what costs may be involved. They may ask you to send photos of your electrics and driveway or they may come and do a physical survey of your property themselves. You should tell the installer when you expect to take delivery of your Renault so they can try to ensure you have your wallbox installed in time for your new car to arrive. 

3 - Government grant

3 - Government grant

If you are eligible for the goverment charging grants, the installer will claim this on your behalf and deduct the amount of the grant from your final bill. They may need you to fill in and sign paperwork in order to establish your eligibility. 

4 - Confirmation

4 - Confirmation

Once all the surveys have been carried out and paperwork completed, your chosen installer should be able to give you a date to install your  wallbox. 

5 - Installation

5 - Installation

On the agreed day of installation, your chosen installer will send an engineer to fit the wallbox. Once completed, ask them to demonstrate how the wallbox operates to ensure you are confident when it comes to charging your Renault for the first time.  

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