Discs, pads and brake fluid require regular maintenance to ensure effective braking. It is important to have them checked regularly for your safety.

Renault after-sales - Braking

Worn brake pads can affect your car's stopping distance. Fortunately, all you'll need to do is bring your car to one of our retailers and they'll check them for you. If they need replacing, they'll do that too.


Renault recommend changing the brake fluid around every two years. Brake fluid has hygroscopic properties - meaning that it absorbs moisture during its life in your vehicle through the pipes, hoses and joints that it lubricates. Changing brake fluid when recommended prevents brake failure and maintains the boiling point at a safe level.


With Renault Genuine brake pads, you can maintain your vehicle's braking performance.  Because each vehicle has unique braking characteristics, Renault designs it's brake pads taking into account the specificities of each vehicle to provide optimal performance in all conditions, even the most extreme.


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