2022, Renault 5’s big year

Renault 5 has been a legend since 1972. A true symbol of pop culture, this mythical vehicle is the master of reinvention. 50 years later, Renault 5 is celebrating its anniversary with many innovative surprises.

Story of the “Supercar”

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Renault 5 interior

1970’s offspring

At the end of the 60s and at the beginning of the 70s, society was in full transition. Young people were bucking the trend. They wanted to be laid back, trendy, while advocating gender equality. 


An open-minded company, Renault was mindful of societal changes. It constructed a range based on emergence of the middle classes and developed a versatile car, with a unique and nonconformist design, for women and young people.

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Renault 5 design

the “fun and friendly” car

Project 122’s goal was to jazz up the small car segment. Building on 4L’s success, it was in the same price range and had the same design specification, but with a much nicer body.


R5’s style stood out right from the very first stroke of the pencil during the design stage. Pierre Dreyfus, who usually focused on practicality, cleverly recognised that with its pretty rounded shape, the 122 was “fun and friendly”.

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Renault 5 launch

“I am Renault 5,take me for a drive”

A huge launch operation took place in January 1972: 1,920 orange or apple green cars, decorated with eyes on their headlights and bubble stickers on their doors announcing: “I am Renault 5, take me for a drive”, were exhibited in dealerships. Parades were organised in France’s main cities where everyone got to test drive them.

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Renault 5 70 years

the media’s “Supercar” superstar

Renault 5 became the “Supercar” based on an idea by Simone Guibert, Artistic Director at Publicis.

The media jumped on the phenomenon and an unprecedented campaign began. Renault 5 was everywhere: on the radio, on TV, in the papers, along roads. Presented as a person rather than an object, the campaign’s originality made it appealing to the public. Instant success!

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renault 5 - 1970s family

the little protagonist of change

Home life conventions had completely changed. Women went to work, they were on the move, they now needed a small, versatile car.


Renault 5 was perfect for this and once launched reached a third of women. Small, modular and roomy, it could easily accommodate four adults or a couple with children. In the back, the engineers designed a safe “place for the kids”. It had no opening doors and windows in the back. You could fit all your everyday belongings and leisure equipment in the boot.

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renault 5 - coloured versions

“the car for everyone”

Renault 5’s success surpassed all expectations. Once launched, delivery took just a few months. This breath of fresh air was appealing to customers. The R5 was therefore the car for young people and those who remain young at heart, feeding bottles and flared jeans.


Transgenerational, it was more than just small a car, it was “the car for everyone”. From entry level to sporty, the most stylish version, to automatic, and beyond, this car came in as many versions as there were customer categories.


5.5 millions units were produced between 1972 and 1985. Sold on all five continents, Renault 5 was not only the model of a brand, but the car of a decade!

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renault 5 in the United States

a career on all 5 continents

It became a rapid success in Europe. When the Renault 5 was launched, it was in 2nd place for sales in Europe, just behind the Fiat 127. As new versions emerged, it had no intention of stopping there, preparing to appeal to new users.


In 1975, Renault 5 took pole position with its new Spanish “Siete” version. The following year, it became the best-selling Renault abroad.


In the past few years in particular, R5s sold abroad represented up to 60% of the overall production. In 1980, its 5-door version was the 2nd most sold car worldwide!

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Renault 5 e-tech electric prototype

more modern and electric than ever before

The Renault brand has entered a new era launching its own “New Wave”. Becoming a mark of technology, service and energy, it brings a breath of modernity to the European automobile industry.


Renault 5 E-Tech electric Prototype was introduced in January 2021. It demonstrates Renault’s desire to make the electric car more widespread in Europe, with a modern twist on the popular car. 


Renault 5 Prototype is a compact city car brimming with charm that propels one of Renault’s icons into the future with an all-electric version.  It keeps its fun and cheeky side, with a very “pop” yellow body and its original, modern R5 design. The selected trim and materials are inspired by the universes of electronics, furniture and sport.

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Renault 5 50th anniversary events

Renault 5 50 years logo

R5 is celebrating its 50th anniversary

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Renault 5 transports you between past, present and future!


Experience this timeless Supercar’s anniversary. On the agenda: artistic creations and collaborations, a look back in time and exhibitions, with many other surprises in store.


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