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11 May 2020

  • Reanult Megane RS Trophy-R Esteban Ocon

Daniel Ricciardo is always up for a fun challenge so watch him here ride a motorbike through his front door, make a pizza and then try to answer some fans’ questions.

The Australian features in seven videos below that also include his Renault DP World F1 team-mate Esteban Ocon and Renault Academy driver Max Fewtrell. Just click on the highlighted text to see the videos.


Firstly, Ricciardo puts himself through a personal home-made ‘Parkour’ exercise routine – riding his scrambling bike into his living room and then using all available furniture inside and out to keep himself in top physical condition.


All that activity certainly required some food to restore his energy levels, so Ricciardo next heads to the kitchen to make his own pizza which includes a lot of cheese, rocket and onion.


Then it’s time to sit down and relax with some easy-to-answer questions from F1 fans. How many languages do you speak again, Daniel?


It’s then over to team-mate Ocon to get a grilling when he is asked to recall his first experience of F1 as a fan. The experience, the French Grand Prix in 2006, clearly made a huge impression on him…

  • Renault Esport

Ocon then appears in with Ricciardo inside the Renault F1 team’s Enstone base in the UK. There, they go head-to-head with a quiz: who can guess which circuits on the F1 calendar are longest?


Consider that 22 circuits were originally destined to make up the 2020 season… Yes, neither gets a perfect score. Far from it in fact!


Back to Ricciardo and he takes the ‘guess the part’ challenge where, blindfolded, he is asked to identify the car componentry put in his hands…


Finally, it’s Fewtrell’s turn to face the same challenge. It’s not an easy one, but does he get it right? CLICK HERE to find out.

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