advanced driver-assistance systems

67% of drivers do not use driver-assistance systems unless they are activated automatically*, Renault is therefore working to reverse this trend.

*according to a 2019 SSHRC study

what is an adas?

Advanced driver-assistance systems (adas) are intelligent systems that rely on advanced technologies (radars, software, cameras, etc.) to assist the driver on journeys.

automated driving adas

Most adas work without human intervention, like the automatic emergency braking system (Pedestrian AEBS). New systems will soon herald the arrival of automated driving. Renault Group has been fitting its vehicles with driver-assistance systems for several years.

three types of adas for safe driving in any conditions

Advanced driver-assistance systems are divided into 3 categories: Safety, Driving and Parking. Their purpose: to enhance user safety and comfort while reducing the risk of a serious accident.


Intelligent driver-assistance systems analyse driving conditions, warn the driver of any risks and take action if danger is imminent.


The various technologies make driving simpler and safer, for greater peace of mind.


Parking aids make manoeuvring easy, enhance safety and protect your vehicle and your environment.

examples of Renault adas

blind spot warning

Active above 15 km/h*, it warns the driver, via a signal in the rearview mirror, of the presence of vehicles that are not visible in his field of vision.

*or 30 km/h depending on the model

emergency brake assist

In the event of a head-on collision risk, the system warns drivers so that they can take appropriate emergency action. The system brakes automatically if drivers do not react despite the various alerts emitted.

360° around view camera

4 cameras reconstitute the environment of the vehicle in 360° so drivers can complete their manoeuvres safely.

reconnaissance des panneaux de signalisation avec alerte de survitesse - Renault

traffic sign recognition with speed alert

Keep to speed limits easily with traffic sign recognition with speed alert. Vehicles with an easy link multimedia system can get updates through the Alliance Connect Toolbox software.

Renault advanced driver-assistance systems

(1)based on Arkana e-tech engineered full hybrid

(2)based on Captur e-tech engineered full hybrid

(3)based on Clio e-tech engineered full hybrid

(4)based on Megane E-Tech 100% electric iconic

(5) based on Zoe E-Tech 100% electric iconic boost charge

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