how a full hybrid works

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What makes up the powertrain in my full hybrid vehicle?

Renault hybrid vehicle powertrains

a combination of one combustion engine and two electric motors

Renault hybrid vehicles have a 1.6-L petrol engine paired with two electric engines - an alternator and a traction motor - as well as a 200V battery.


E-Tech draws on the brand's expertise in electric technology to offer a selection of electrically-powered vehicles. With innovative energy recovery technology, it expands the range of possibilities for electric driving.

Do you need to charge the battery in a full hybrid vehicle?

Renault hybrid vehicle battery

get the benefits of electric without having to plug in your car!

E-Tech hybrid vehicles are equipped with an electric battery that recharges itself using kinetic energy.


When decelerating and braking, the electric engine actually captures the driving force and stores it to recharge the battery. In some cases, the combustion engine generates energy that powers the battery.

How do the electric engines and combustion engine work together?

Which engine is used to start the vehicle?

Renault full hybrid cars start with 100% electric power, which continues during the first few miles to offer you a more lively pick-up... The vehicle switches to the combustion engine automatically after a few miles, or sooner if needed.

Can I drive in electric mode all of the time?

Under the combined electric and combustion engine types, hybrids can drive in electric mode most of the time. Nevertheless, E-Tech technology captures more energy than most hybrids, so that you can drive electric for as long as possible.

Do the engines run all at the same time?

Hybrid vehicles were developed as electric vehicles that run with combustion assistance. This means they start up and travel the first few kilometres in full electric mode. When the battery lacks enough power, the combustion engine comes to the rescue and offers a fully hybrid traction, both running simultaneously.

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