Renault technology developed with firefighters

Renault innovations to facilitate first responder intervention.

safety of Renault electric vehicles

An electric vehicle is potentially less likely to catch fire than an internal combustion engine (fewer fluids, fewer highly flammable components, etc.). Renault electric vehicle batteries are built with safety in mind, which drastically reduces the risk of fire.

Renault x firefighters collaboration

Launched in 2010, the collaboration between Renault and firefighters has developed over time. In particular, new technologies designed to make the work of first responders easier and shorten intervention times have emerged.

interventions made easy

This collaboration has made the use of innovative systems (Fireman Access, QRescue by Renault) more widespread, making the work of firefighters easier and saving first responders and victims precious time in the event of an accident.

Fireman Access

Fireman Access - Renault

Fireman Access in a nutshell

Even though the high-voltage batteries of Renault vehicles are designed to prevent fire outbreaks - during normal use and in the event of an accident - a fire started by external causes can spread to the battery. The Fireman Access can be used to extinguish it in a few minutes allowing firefighters to head straight to another call-out.

how does the Fireman Access work?

It is a safety system for flooding the battery of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle in the event of a fire. A metal rupture disk seals the battery throughout its life and ensures the watertightness required for everyday use. If a fire is started deliberately, it breaks under the pressure of a high-pressure jet of water directed by firefighters and allows water to reach the battery.

Fireman Access benefits - Renault

what are the benefits for firefighters?

Intervention times are reduced from several hours to around ten minutes. Saving water and time! 

SD Switch*

SD Switch - Renault

the SD Switch in a nutshell

The SD Switch is a mechanical switch that disconnects the battery from the electrical circuitry. Although our high-voltage batteries are designed to switch to electrical safety mode in the event of an accident, we recommend that firefighters use the SD Switch in the event of a violent impact to to help ensure electrical safety.

how does it work?

The SD Switch works like a fuse, applied to a voltage of 400 to 600 volts (compared to 230 volts in a domestic network). It disconnects the battery from the high-voltage electrical circuitry immediately. 

SD Switch benefits - Renault

what are the benefits for firefighters?

The SD Switch allows firefighters dealing with an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle to work in improved safety. Renault organises training courses for the emergency services on how to use it correctly.

*Available on Megane E-Tech 100% electric

virtual reality at the service of firefighters

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virtual reality, optimising firefighters’ actions

Virtual reality helps to make firefighters’ work easier by simulating actual scenarios. Using headsets and immersive rooms, they are able to practice their gestures and postures to better understand and anticipate injuries.

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