Activating the vehicle’s connectivity and sharing data

Benefit from the connected services on your vehicle by activating its connectivity. To enable your connected services to work properly,  allow your vehicle and location data to be shared.

when are the services activated in my vehicle?

before your vehicle is delivered

The activation of your services may take some time once the request has been sent.

In order to ensure that your connectivity is ready when you collect your vehicle, the activation of the Connected Services will be carried out by the Renault retailer, at the latest when the vehicle is delivered. Activation is carried out either manually from the vehicle's multimedia screen or automatically.


after your vehicle is delivered

Activate the connected services yourself from your vehicle's in-car display by pressing the button:

  • “Activate my services” for vehicles equipped with R-LINK Evolution;
  • “Connect” for vehicles equipped with R-LINK 2;
  • “Connect” for vehicles equipped with easy link;
  • "Connect" for vehicles equipped with openRlink.


However, in the event of failure to activate prior to delivery, Renault reserves the right to automatically activate the Connected Services after delivery for vehicles equipped with easy link and openR link.


To identify your vehicle's equipment, consult your commercial documents, including your order form.

Special case: Some connected services specific to electric vehicles (Z.E. Services) may require an activation code. This is given to you when the vehicle is delivered (R-LINK) or sent to the device when you connect (easy link).

what are the effects of this activation

For R-LINK Evolution, R-LINK2 and easy link, activating your vehicle's connectivity results in the processing of your vehicle and location data and allows you to:

  • make full use of your connected services and,
  • manage the subscription of your standard services or purchase optional services.


Once activated, you will be able to:

  • manage,
  • synchronise your smartphone with your vehicle using the My Renault application and take advantage of remote control services for your vehicle.

how do I stop sharing my vehicle data?


multimedia system and data sharing

You can suspend your vehicle's data sharing directly from your in-vehicle display at every start-up or at any time with this procedure: 

  • R-LINK Evolution: Main menu -> Services -> Settings -> Data sharing, then select ON/OFF.
  • R-LINK2: Main menu -> Apps -> Privacy, then select ON/OFF.
  • easy link: Click on the connectivity icon at the top of the main screen and then in the data tab choose a data share ON/OFF.
  • openR link: go to the "User Profile" and click on "Privacy Settings" then choose whether or not you want to share your data with Renault.


To identify your vehicle's equipment, consult your commercial documents, including your order form.


editorial renault assistance multimedia

what if my car has no multimedia screen?

Simply contact Renault customer service to submit a request to stop sharing your data. A representative will be happy to assist you over the phone and provide you with the means to cancel.

To contact us or for more information on all of our services: 

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cancellation information

Suspending the sharing of your vehicle and geolocation data may impact how your connected services work.


To take full advantage of your vehicle's connected services, you will need to ensure you enable the data sharing function.  Sharing your vehicle and geolocation data may not be suspended in certain circumstances but not limited to:

  • providing you with Emergency call assistance,
  • allowing you to control your vehicle, 
  • necessary updates for your services and systems are required, 
  • allowing third parties to provide services to which you have subscribed (more information is available on the processing of personal data here
  • providing you with services to fulfil our legal obligations or meet safety or maintenance requirements.

For certain services to which the vehicle owner is subscribed, the sharing of on-board data cannot be suspended. To manage your rights or control how your data is shared, please contact the owner (as listed on the V5 documentation) of your vehicle.

We are committed to respecting your privacy, however you are reminded that it is your responsibility to inform any other user or purchaser of the vehicle about the conditions for processing their data by Renault.

For more information about how your personal data is processed:

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