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one screen, endless possibilities

Renault EasyLink

Map and GPS renewal

Need to renew your services including maps amd TOMTOM GPS on your EasyLink system?  Go to the Renault Connect store within your My Renault account.

9.3* inches at your fingertips

easy link multimedia system

*  7 or 9.3" depending on the model and version. The easy link connected services are offered for 3 years from the date of delivery of your vehicle, then renewable.

100% customisable, 100% connected


Connect your smartphone to your easy link multimedia system in a matter of seconds.


Enhance your driving experience.


Use your apps, without taking your eyes off the road.


a driving experience unlike any other

Activate the multi-sense mode using your touchscreen. Then go to the onboard driving settings and enjoy the 5 modes for 5 unique driving experiences.

personalised space

a system that's right for you

Configure your user profile to keep your favourite shortcuts and widgets close to hand.

smartphone connectivity

your smartphone, everywhere

Enjoy mobile apps on your multimedia screen with Android AutoTM and Apple CarPlayTM .Wireless, by cable or via Bluetooth®, connect by activating the control on the steering wheel and using Siri voicecommand or your Google assistant to make the most of your apps.

safety by Renault

Human First Program, automotive safety by Renault

Driver-assistance systems, a partnership with firefighters... Discover Renault's solutions and innovations for improving the safety of all road users.

driver-assistance systems

our advanced driver-assistance systems

Discover all of Renault's intelligent driver-assistance systems for safer driving and peace of mind.

Renault Assistance B-Call

by your side at all times

Be protected wherever you are with Call Renault Assistance and Emergency Call.

  • Call Renault Assistance: with this new service, drivers can call Renault Assistance directly from their vehicle in the event of a breakdown. During the call, your location and the vehicle’s technical information is sent automatically.
  • Emergency call: in the event of an accident, your vehicle makes an emergency call automatically or you can simply press a button located on the cabin’s ceiling.

the best route to your destination

3D smart navigation

getting you there with ease

Choose your preferred display mode, 2D or 3D, and let the system guide you to your destination.

real-time info

journeys with no surprises

Enjoy easy journeys with real-time info on traffic, weather, fuel prices and hazard areas.

intuitive navigation

let the system guide you

Getting to your destination has never been so easy! Enter keywords and select from suggested addresses. Your easy link system uses navigation learning to suggest favourite destinations and preferred points of interest. Use voice recognition and never take your eyes off the road, for even more safety!

easily updated

nothing to do

Enjoy the simplicity of automatic updates of software and maps! Simply accept the prompt to update, and you can enjoy your favourite maps.

Download Alliance connect toolbox and never miss a map update when travelling abroad or on daily trips.


electric when you need it

Store up to 40% of your electric range to use later as you like when using the E-SAVE* mode, accessible through My Sense!



* only available on Renault E-Tech plug-in hybrid


opt for smart features

Plan your GPS route on easy link using E-NAV mode, available through My Sense. Optimise battery usage and store up your electric driving range so you drive in electric when it suits you best!*



* only available on Renault E-Tech plug-in hybrid.

a world of services with My Renault

Stay connected to your Renault wherever you are with your mobile app: geolocate your vehicle, check its status and prepare your itinerary.


never lost

Check where your vehicle is at any time with your My Renault application. Then get an overview of points of interest nearby!

Easy Link navigation

quite simply from door to door

Let the easy link system guide you from home to your destination. Use your smartphone to send the destination directly to your vehicle’s multimedia screen. Track your itinerary from your My Renault space.

vehicle status

your vehicle at your fingertips

Check your vehicle’s range, tyre pressure or mileage before hitting the road.

your daily life in electric

Easy Link driving range

prepare your trip using your smartphone

With your My Renault mobile application, see easily your charge history and how far you can travel with your remaining range*.


* feature only available on Renault E-Tech electric vehicles

remote climate control

customised comfort

Configure the comfort of your vehicle remotely. Set the temperature of your cabin from your sofa so you can enjoy your journey!

locating charging points

never run out of battery power

Plan your journey wherever you are. Use your phone to access your itinerary and plan your charging breaks.

scheduling charging

charge whenever you like

Use your smartphone to schedule charging to when it suits you best. Go about your business while your application takes care of everything!

Z.E. Pass

limitless electric mobility

Enjoy a relaxing electric drive thanks to Mobiliize Charge Pass.  Use just one card to pay for charging in any of the charging stations included in the My Renault app.  More about Mobilize Charge Pass.

smart charging

the clever way to charge at home

A smarter way to charge your electric car’s battery at home. Let Mobilize Smart Charge technology tell you the best time to charge - with more sustainable power at a lower cost.  More about Mobilize power solutions.

anticipate your electric trips

From the My Renault app or from the easy link screen, plan your journey by entering all the details of your trip to identify the charging stations along your journey

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Frequently asked questions

For any issues with your Radio, Satnav, Bluetooth or other part of your Multimedia system