your favourite apps available on openR link

all of your favourite apps available

Your favourite apps are now available on your Renault’s openR screen found within your Austral E-Tech full hybrid, Megane E-Tech 100% electric or Scenic E-Tech.


Discover the apps that are currently available.  More apps will be added over time.  


the advantage of in-car apps

Amazon Music, Waze, EasyPark, Radioplayer, and more. Your usual apps are available in your openR link multimedia system.


The size of your screen ensures optimum comfort. Apps are optimised for your use.

how do I download the apps?

  • 1

    create your Google account and access it in your car

  • 2

    go to Google Play via the central screen and download the app in your Renault

  • 3

    to do this, just share the phone’s connection with your Renault vehicle

  • 4

    open the app and follow the instructions to finish launching it

music and podcasts

Play your favourite music, listen to audiobooks and podcasts, and use your favourite apps as you travel.


Your usual apps are optimised for and are directly available in your openR link multimedia system.

navigation and discovery

Road closures, a new one-way system, available spaces, paid parking, traffic information... avoid unpleasant surprises with apps in your openR link multimedia system.


Set the tempo of your journeys with exclusive apps – for example, use Vivaldi app to access your accounts on Disney+, Netflix or YouTube, perfect to use when you’re stationary in the car such as when you are topping up charge.


and many more...

Other apps are available directly in your Renault. Log in to Google Play to discover them.


Regular updates are automatic.


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**The driver cannot play while driving. Close the app if the game is distracting.  It is your responsibility to stay alert, drive safely and be in control of the vehicle at all times