Renault EZ-PRO Concept

Having revealed our vision of the future of shared mobility with EZ-GO, discover the future of urban delivery with EZ-PRO Concept. Driverless, modular, connected and 100% electric. This concept car follows on from EZ-GO by anticipating the last-mile deliveries of the future for all kinds of businesses.

  • EZ-PRO - Left side
  • EZ-PRO - Right side
  • EZ-PRO - Left side
  • EZ-PRO - Front and rear end
  • EZ-PRO - Right side
  • EZ-PRO - Interior
  • EZ-PRO - Right side
  • EZ-PRO - View from above
  • EZ-PRO - Right side
  • EZ-PRO - Front end

EZ-PRO Concept

The robo-vehicle that reinvents urban delivery

At the heart of the city, EZ-PRO Concept embodies a new form of shared, connected, driverless mobility to meet the delivery challenges of tomorrow.


Anticipating the future of delivery solutions

Designed on the same platform as EZ-GO, EZ-PRO Concept is aimed at transport and urban parcel and service delivery, adapted to the last-mile ecosystem.


Operated by one or more specialists in parcel delivery, EZ-PRO Concept is the ideal tool for meeting the immediate needs of business or private customers. It delivers items ordered to the location specified by the customer, in a secure fashion, for example to lockers opened using a smartphone application.


Naturally integrated into the urban environment, EZ-PRO Concept helps with traffic flow and embodies a new kind of mobility, respectful, silent and non-polluting, with a positive impact on the city.

EZ-PRO - Rear end

EZ-PRO Concept

A concept car based on the needs of professionals

Discover the full range of possibilities offered by this concept car entirely designed for professionals.

EZ-ULTIMO - Left side

A design that meets human needs

In keeping with Renault's Easy Life DNA, EZ-PRO Concept is a shared, connected, driverless platform consisting of two elements known as pods. The leader pod hosts a concierge who supervises delivery, while the other pod(s) follow behind by platooning or move independently up to the delivery point.


As with the EZ-GO concept car, a large frontal opening and a folding step facilitate access for professional users.


Practical and functional, the platform is also equipped with side doors that open upwards, while a sliding step automatically folds down to the ground to simplify access to the storage area.

EZ-PRO - Interior

Design based around the needs of the concierge

The cockpit and the leader pod are the concierge's work space. The design is based on principles that combine simplicity, ergonomics and efficiency. The available space has been cleared of anything superfluous to leave just the essentials.


Designed to combine comfort and convenience, the platform is equipped with driverless functions that allow the concierge to organise deliveries or concentrate on other value-added tasks. Depending on requirements, the customisable cabin can be used as a mobile office in side position, or angled to the front to supervise driving.

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EZ-GO - View from above


The future of urban mobility

EZ-GO Concept
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